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You might be wondering HOW we can make this bold statement; we have done exhaustive research into the types of pet beds and cots available BEFORE we decided on the materials and fabrics we use. Our products were designed by a mechanical engineer and a designer making our PVC indoor and outdoor beds/cots a combination of strength, durability, orthopedic support, and beauty.

Our dog cots are a portable lightweight hammock style which makes it easy to move from place to place. We feature dog beds that are practically indestructible for indoor or outdoor use at comparable prices. You can choose one of two types of beds/cots; indoor/outdoor fabric beds, or our REVOLUTIONARY new bed that is made from the toughest material on the market and is currently being used by the Military K-9 soldiers in Iraq. Talk about tough, durable and made for any type of weather conditions, this is a best bed on the market and will be a lifetime bed for your pet. These beds are also excellent for incontinent dogs. To see this remarkable outdoor or indoor cot bed go to BEST DOG OR PET BED IN THE WORLD. You can choose any of the beds we make with or without our SIGNATURE ChewGuards. Our Chew Guards are made to Snap-On the sides of the bed and holds onto the fabric leaving nothing exposed for a dog to get his teeth into. Our Chew Guard design is a perfect solution for CHEWING PUPPIES, kennels, animal sanctuaries, shelters, veterinarians, and breeders. We offer our dog beds in sizes Small 30x20 to XXX-Large 60x45 which is big enough for the smallest to the largest of pets. In addition we also offer a large variety of Hi-Quality Luxury and Designer Dog and Cat beds which will tickle the fancy of any pampered pet. Check out Breed Information to help you choose the correct size bed for your pet. Our beds/cots are also extremely easy to care for. Best of all we offer a complete 100% Guarantee on all of the beds we make. Please see FAQs for Guarantee information. Check our dog bed categories for the best bed or cot your pet can own.

Our Most Popular Bed

Our fabric indoor/outdoor pet bed is by far our most popular bed. This bed is best suited for indoor or a covered area outdoor like a patio.This sturdy orthopedic pet bed is very durable and versatile. Your fabric choices include solid colors as well as sporty design colors that will blend in perfectly with many styles of home decor or outdoor use.

We sell hundreds of these pet beds every month, both with and without ChewGuards. For more information on our indoor/outdoor beds please follow the links to Indoor/Outdoor Beds and Best Pet Beds. If you'd like to know more about ChewGuards or check out our 100% Guarantee details, please go to FAQs.

Indoor/Outdoor Dog Bed without Chew Guards and right is with Chew Guards.

Tan_Bed.jpgTan_ChewGuards.jpg Best_Dog_Bed_small1.jpg Best_Dog_Bed_with_chew_guards_small.jpg

The Best Dog Beds in the World without Chew Guards and right is with Chew Guards.

Featured Products

Our Designer Pet beds made for style and comfort. Doesn't your special baby deserve a stylish and cozy place to sleep? If you want a pet bed that is both functional and full of charactor, then look no further. Click here to check out our unique collection of Designer Pet beds. Designer Pet Furniture


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